Winston Churchill painting from ‘Painting Kitchen Cabinet’

An Australian painting that features a door paint kitchen cabinet that Winston Churchills first painted in 1881, was recently sold for an undisclosed amount.

The painting is a portrait of a woman, Mrs. Darrow, who has been painted in a kitchen cabinet with a painting on her face.

It is one of the only paintings from the series known to be in a state of restoration, and is being auctioned by New York’s Sotheby’s.

The sale comes on the heels of a similar sale of the painting from the 1960s that was purchased by a museum in Paris for a reported $2.7 million.

The new painting is the only painting from Churchill’s series to have been preserved and displayed.

It was painted by Winston’s friend and fellow painter, artist John Hirst.

Churchill’s painting, known as ‘Paining Kitchen Cabinet’, is currently on display at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

It has been in the Tate Gallery since 2012, and the sale is part of a major exhibition about the painter, which includes the first paintings by Hirst, which were acquired by the British Museum in 2010.