A new Home Depot paint brand with some big-name customers

A new paint brand for Home Depot has some big names in its new name.

Valspar paints are one of a handful of colors offered at the new home improvement retailer, which recently launched a paint line called “The Real Deal.”

The line includes the brand’s iconic red, yellow, green and purple colors.

Varspar has also partnered with Macy’s, Kmart and Sears, among other retailers.

Verspar’s colors are a blend of natural and synthetic fibers and can be used in a wide range of home and commercial projects.

The company’s colors also make up a large percentage of the home depot’s paint, with the company’s new range including red, purple, blue and green.

Vets and home improvement specialists are happy with the new paint.

“The new paint makes a big impact,” said Robert D. Loeser, president of the American Home Improvement Association, a trade group that represents manufacturers of home improvement products.

“We see this as a big, major step forward for home improvement.”

Loeser said that the new line is a good choice for those looking to paint in a more sustainable way.

“Varspa paints are a natural, organic alternative to traditional paint that is not harmful to the environment,” he said.

“They are safe to use in the home, they are safe for the environment, and they are environmentally friendly.”

Verspa has long been a proponent of sustainable paint, and the new color range will help it continue that effort.

“It is very exciting for us to be a part of the Varspar Home Depot family and to partner with a brand like Varspa on their latest line of products,” said David Schaller, vice president of product management for the brand.

“The partnership is a testament to Varspars commitment to sustainability and quality and will help us continue to deliver high-quality products and products that will last a lifetime.”

The new home depot paint line is the second new home brand announced for the company this month.

In April, the company announced a line of organic and environmentally friendly home décor, furniture and garden products that also include the “The Home Depot.”