Lowes’ $400 paintbrush is going to cost you $700

A low-cost paintbrush from Lowes is now costing you more than $700, according to a new study.

The brush, which is one of the few in its class to be built from recycled materials, is made from recycled paper pulp, and is designed to be used in an indoor environment and on a bathroom floor.

However, its paintbrush comes with a price tag of $400, according with the study.

A study by research firm EMC Associates says the $400 price tag puts it in the same category as the new high-end models from Luxe.

The study, titled “Lowes Low Price Tag: $400 Paintbrush for $700,” says that the Lowes paintbrush costs $1,400 and is the same price as the high-priced Luxe brushes.

However the Lowest Price tag is less than $100 less than the new High Price tag, which goes up to $1.3 million.

According to the study, the Low Price tag has led to higher prices at Lowe’s and Home Depot, which are both still offering the brush at their retail prices.

The report also says the Lowe paintbrush will cost $500 to $750 at the Home Depot retail store.