Abracadabra’s ‘a-ha moment’ as he goes ‘a bit crazy’ in this hilarious video

Abracadebra, the Disney animated film about the sea creature from the “Disney Channel” series Abrasive, will be airing its first episode this week.

But the adorable sea creature has become something of a YouTube sensation, thanks to the hilarious YouTube clips posted by its creator, Mike “The Moth” Anderson.

The Mocchi Sea Turtle, who was born in an aquarium and named after the Disney Channel series, has been on the internet for a while.

He first made his YouTube debut back in 2011, when he uploaded a video of himself standing in the ocean, swimming, and talking about the creature.

He has since uploaded more than 400 videos about the “sea turtle” since then.

In the latest video, which was made last week, Anderson shows off his latest creation, a sea turtle with a heart of gold.

The clip starts out as a normal one, with the turtle sitting in a circle on the floor of the ocean.

But as Anderson walks by, he takes his phone out and shows off the heart-shaped turtle.

“I had this idea, and this is what I did with it, it was so cute and this was the perfect way to celebrate,” Anderson told ABC News.

“I thought, ‘Let’s just get rid of it and get back to what I was doing before.'”

In the video, Anderson also shows off a sea snake, a mantis shrimp, and a sea lamprey.

He then takes the turtle and brings it to his girlfriend, who is sitting on the beach.

Anderson takes the sea turtle to the beach where it spends a bit of time surfing.

Anderson’s girlfriend, Amanda Burch, was able to catch the clip on camera.

She shared the video with her YouTube followers on Monday.

“We were like, ‘Holy shit, this is really cool,'” Burch said.

“He’s so cute.

I love him.”

She also said that the sea urchin has been an unexpected favorite.

“It’s really exciting,” she said.

“I think it’s so funny, it’s just so fun to see.

I think people are always really fascinated by it.

It’s such a cute animal.”

Burch and Anderson have been friends for years, and they have both had sea ursas in their lives.

They even had a sea uras and sea lampreys in their home, Burch added.

“He was a big fan of the Mocchis and I was also a big urchine fan, so we kind of knew one another before I had the turtle,” she told ABCNews.com.

The two also live in San Diego, where they have two iguanas and a giant iguana.

But Burch has always been drawn to sea ureas, and she said that her girlfriend’s enthusiasm for the creature has made it all the more fun to share.

“She’s just a really sweet, sweet person,” she explained.

“You can just tell, there’s something about him, just his personality, he’s just an animal lover.”

Anderson said he and Burch started working on their latest sea urn together last year, and that they were excited to share it with the world.

“My girlfriend was so excited, she was just going crazy,” Anderson said.

While Anderson and Boutur have been busy sharing their love of the sea, they also love working together in real life. 

“She is so funny and funny and cute and adorable,” he said. 

Anderson also said the videos are his way of expressing his love for the sea.

“That’s what makes it fun for me, it brings joy to me and it’s a little bit different,” he explained.

“It’s a bit more relaxed, you know?

It’s a lot more fun.”