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Football Italian is a team sport and is very competitive, so if the results are bad, then you can bet the fans won’t be too happy.

But this was a different story.

On Saturday night, the Milan derby saw the defending champions come back from behind to beat Roma 2-0 in their last outing.

It was a classic performance by the Nerazzurri.

It was a victory that was a foregone conclusion and there was no doubt about it: Milan had the better of the first half and in the second half, the game was won.

So, what does the Nerazurri get out of it?

The win was Milan’s first in Serie A in more than a year and a half, with a home game against Udinese, the first of which was a 2-1 defeat.

But it was a match in which the Neruzurri came out on top, winning by four goals.

The result is a major boost for the Neranero team, as the Neris won the league for the first time since the summer of 2017.

This season, the Neras have managed to score in seven of their first eight league games, and a win against Roma would bring them a record of four straight victories.

It is an achievement that could be attributed to the Neruos coaching staff, with the new boss Giovanni van Bronckhorst and the Neros backroom team, with Carlo Tavecchio and Andrea Pirlo both making appearances for the side.

Despite a number of changes, the team that had been winning the league since May 2017 is now a respectable fifth in the table.

The Nerazuri are now unbeaten in Serie B and are in seventh place in Serie C.

They also managed to beat the Bianconeri 2-2 in their first league meeting at the San Siro.

It is the first game since the end of the summer that they haven’t lost in Serie D.

They have not been too bad at home too, scoring six goals in the league, two in the cup competitions and three in the Champions League.

However, the home game at the Stadio San Paolo is a big game for the Milan fans, who are likely to get a lot out of their team, given that the club have a record away from home of just one defeat.

The Nerazurs are coming off a 2.1-1 win over Udinese and are now undefeated in Serie E. It will be interesting to see how they perform against Udine again in the coming weeks, especially if they face Juventus on Saturday night.

The Juventus game has been postponed, with tickets being sold online.