Apple Pay ‘could soon make it easier to make sure you get your nails done’

The chipmaker chipmaker Intel Corp. is developing a new paint for Apple Inc. that could make it much easier to get nails done.

The chipmaker has teamed up with the chipmaker Apple to develop the paint, which would work with Apple Pay and Apple Pay Express.

Apple Pay is a chip-and-pin technology that can be used in stores, restaurants, taxis and gas stations.

Apple Pay is the new way for people to buy things online with their credit cards.

Ibis paint is the first paint that is designed to work with the Apple Pay system.

It would be used to make nails in the store and for the customer to pick up at the end of the transaction.

When you use Apple Pay, it takes a picture of your face and your credit card number and it gives you a code that you can use to pay.

A chipmaker partner with Apple has worked on this paint for a while and is now working with Intel to develop it for Apple Pay.

According to Intel, the chip is not just for Apple, but also for the car and restaurant industry.

“We are very excited to collaborate with Apple on this innovative new paint,” said Chipmaker partner Andrew Lee, Intel’s senior vice president of product innovation.

Lee said Intel is working with Apple to make the chip that would be compatible with Apple’s new payment system.

“This is one of the more ambitious projects we have ever worked on, and we are confident we can deliver a great product,” Lee said.

There have been a lot of reports about how difficult it is to get a nail done in the car with Apple Cash.

But Lee said the chip maker’s chip would be able to do the job in an easy way.

He said the paint would be similar to what you would see in the movie “Titanic,” which is a movie about the life and death struggle to get the ship to safety.

So, what is the Apple Watch?

Apple is developing an app called “Apple Watch” that could be used by Apple Pay to help people buy things with their iPhones.

In the app, Apple Pay would be integrated with Apple Watch.

If someone wanted to buy a car, they could tap on the app and pay for the purchase.

You would tap the Apple logo on the top of the screen and the app would automatically send you a message telling you how much money you have in your Apple Watch or if you have enough to pay your bill.

Then you could tap the icon to confirm the transaction and your money would be sent to your Apple Pay card.

As soon as you tap the credit card, the app will send the cash to your credit cards and the phone number you have provided on the Apple ID that you provided to the app.

This could mean that a person could be able pay with their iPhone, pay for a car trip with Apple, and buy a lot more items using Apple Pay with just their iPhone.

People have been talking about how this could change the way they buy things.

One of the big hurdles with paying for things with Apple is that the transaction must be done on an iPhone or Apple Watch, and that’s because Apple Pay requires your Apple ID.

While Apple Pay could make getting nail care easier for many, it’s not an easy thing to get.

To get the most out of Apple Pay on the phone, it would be great if Apple could integrate this chip into Apple Watch to make it a lot easier to do.

Intel is working on the chip for Apple.