How to paint your face in 5 easy steps

The American Conservatives is back with a fresh installment of the most important painting advice column on The American. 

In this installment, I’m going to be sharing the 5 easy, quick ways to paint in 5 different styles of paint. 

First, here’s a quick primer for you: When it comes to choosing a color for your face, there’s no wrong way. 

There are many options and you can get a great result using a variety of different paints. 

If you are unsure, or you want to give your face a new look, look into the following:  How to paint with the brushes you want and don’t Want. 

For example, if you want your face to be more vibrant and more dynamic, go for something like an ivory-toned black-and-white paint, like this one: Or, you can opt for a more natural, less saturated brown color. 

I prefer using a neutral palette for my work, so here’s how to get the most out of the black and brown: Using a brush with a sharp tip, paint on a few thin lines to create some contrast and then paint across them. 

Then, paint a line of color that you want on the side of your face. 

Next, use the brush to make a gradient on top of the other color. 

 Finally, paint your nose. 

Here’s a fun trick that I like to do with my work: As you can see, my nose is super bright and vibrant. 

So, let’s add some color to it with some more shading. 

Create a gradient between the two darker colors and add a layer of color on top. 

Repeat the process for the eyes. 

Once you’ve got a solid color for the eye, let the colors fade in, so that they look like the eye looks after a few days of wear. 

This process will give your eye a great contrast and depth of color.

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