How to Paint Your Own Bedroom Cabinet from an Easy Paper Template

This tutorial will show you how to build a simple, easy-to-follow, and very affordable paint palette.

I had some paint leftover from the previous project and had a few ideas for ways to use it.

Here’s the first thing I came up with, and it was going to be my primary project.

The paint palette would consist of a few pieces of paper.

I had two of them: one would be the palette, and the other was for the wall decoration.

I chose the paper for the kitchen cabinets because it has more surface area to work with.

I made sure to cut them out as small as possible.

I’m sure there are better paints, but I just wanted a small size palette for the cabinets.

In the picture above, I’m using the two sheets of paper to form the first piece of the palette.

It’s a pretty simple task.

The paint brush is used to paint the paper on the outside of the cabinet.

Next, I made a marker and used it to mark the sides of the cabinets with a chalkboard.

Then, I used the chalkboard to outline out a small area where the cabinet should be placed.

As the paint is still wet, I added a small dab of glue to the corner of the corner, and then started painting.

To create the background, I took a piece of chalkboard and scribbled a line in it, then added the chalk and then traced it on the chalk board.

I didn’t worry too much about the background because I knew that I was going with this palette for a bedroom.

The line of chalk was then painted over the chalk on the inside of the kitchen.

After that, I drew a line over the paint and traced it onto the chalk.

With a paintbrush, I painted a small line over one corner, then painted a smaller line over another corner.

This worked pretty well.

The painted line was pretty solid, so it didn’t have to be super precise.

After that, the chalk was added and traced onto the bottom of the chalk paper.

Finally, I started filling in the area around the cabinet with paint, and painting a circle around the entire cabinet.

I added the circle, then filled in the top and bottom with paint.

The bottom of a corner is a good place to make sure the paint has a smooth finish.

The chalk paper I used is also a good paintbrush for this job.

All of this is going to create a really cool looking, and super inexpensive paint palette that will work with almost anything.

There are plenty of other things you can use this paint palette for.

I have a couple cabinets that I’m currently using it for, and I’m going to keep using it.

You can use it for everything from small to large cabinets, but the palette I’m sharing is great for cabinets that need a little extra work.

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