How to Paint Your Own Unicorn Tears

Angelus is an artist who has worked on many projects.

From an early age, he wanted to be a musician, and as a child, he started writing songs.

The songs he wrote and performed on stage were meant to express the emotions of the character, Unicorn, from the perspective of his father.

It was an artistic endeavor, and he was able to write songs that would inspire his fans.

Today, Angelus paints his own Unicorn Tears.

Angelus also paints his music, so his Unicorn Tears can also be found on his website, where you can also purchase the Unicorn Tears coloring book.

We talked to Angelus about how he gets inspiration for his Unicorn tears, the power of song and the inspiration he gets from the universe.

Angelus: What inspired you to start painting Unicorn Tears?

When I was in elementary school, I would watch the show, ‘The Lion King,’ which was the first animated film I ever saw.

And I would get really excited by the animals and the animals themselves, the different colors of the animals.

It kind of reminded me of my own childhood.

And it kind of showed me that animals are just a really good metaphor for human beings.

You know, we’re all animals, and we all have our own struggles and struggles, and emotions that we are able to feel.

And so that just kind of caught me off guard.

And when I got older, I started to see the world differently, and I realized that the world is filled with animals and they are very different from humans.

And that inspired me to start drawing my own Unicorn tears.

And after I painted them, I realized there are a lot of people out there who can draw my Unicorn Tears, and there are other people who are artists who can paint them.

So I decided to start doing that.

And what has it been like to start your own Unicorn art?

It’s been great, it’s been amazing.

I love the challenge of making something that I really enjoy.

It’s just so cool.

And also it’s a good way to share that I’m not alone.

I’ve been able to get a lot out of this.

I’m really fortunate to have my parents, my brothers and sisters, my friends.

They all helped me along the way.

And they all helped shape my life.

So it’s really been really humbling.

I’m just really happy that I was able that my parents gave me this opportunity.

They gave me a platform to explore the world and to share my own stories.

And as I have grown and as I’ve matured as an artist, I’ve learned so much.

I think that’s really the way that we grow as people.

Angelis Unicorn Tears are available for purchase on his site, where the Unicorn book is also available.