‘We don’t want to get rid of these birds’ – Trump’s climate policy

“It’s a shame that we have to have this debate.

I think it’s an embarrassment for this country.

It’s really, really embarrassing.

I want to see the people of our country get a lot of credit for what we’re doing, for being successful in this climate fight, because that’s really what it’s about.”

Trump said the decision by the president-elect to pull out of the Paris agreement is “the biggest mistake ever made by an American president in terms of his foreign policy.”

He continued: “It is a total, total disaster for this nation.

It will bring us back to a place where we are so far behind.

I mean, this is not just a matter of climate change.

It is a matter about national security, it is a question of the safety of our people.

And I want the people to have their say about that.”

A few days after the election, Trump tweeted: “President-elect Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord will be the biggest mistake in American history.

It undermines our economy, puts our country at risk and hurts the people who are standing up to protect us.

We must act now.”

Trump also pledged to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which Trump said is “not only the most unfair piece of legislation in the history of our nation, but also the most corrupt.”

“We will begin the process of repealing the disastrous ACA as soon as possible,” Trump said.

The Trump administration has promised to repeal and replace the law.

The U.S. will still be under the Paris accord if the administration is confirmed.