Why Angels Paint ‘Angelus’ for Animals

Angelus paint is a popular spray paint for animals that is commonly used by the animal rescue group, Mercy for Animals.

But Mercy for America is the one responsible for painting the painting in the first place.

“They paint it because it’s so amazing,” Mercy for the Animals’ founder, Michael J. Healy, said of the Angels.

“It’s so unique, so it just looks beautiful.”

Mercy for Life paints a portrait of a man with a giant, painted bird.

Healey says the bird has a very large beak, and it looks like it’s trying to bite him.

“It’s trying its best to bite me,” he said.

“And it does.”

A similar painting has been used in a number of other projects, including a portrait and an anti-bullying painting.

Mercy for American, however, uses a more traditional brush for its paintings, with a metal brush that the group says has a better finish.

“The thing that is really important is, if you want to paint something with metal, you can’t use a brush on a canvas that’s just sitting there,” Healy said.

“When you paint something on a metal surface, it has this tendency to go crazy, so you have to use a different technique.”

The Angels have painted a number more than 20 animals over the years, including lions, tigers, horses, and goats.

“Our goal is to try to bring awareness to the plight of animals and to show people that they are not just just property, they are people,” Mercy For America’s founder, Susan Prentice, said.

The Angels paint their paintings to raise awareness about the plight and abuse of animals in shelters, and to raise money for the Humane Society.

“We have had so many amazing people come and help us with their painting projects, and we’ve got so many animals who need the support of their family and friends,” Prentice said.

For Mercy For Animals, painting an animal is a way to help other animals in need.

They also hope that the painting will raise awareness among people about the impact of animal cruelty and cruelty-free living.

“There’s no one out there who is painting to help animals,” Prentices said.