Why you should love the new Glow in the Dark nail polish from Glossier

We love these little things, and Glossier is taking them to the next level with a line of Glow in The Dark nail polishes that have all been designed by their talented artists.

There’s a whole line of Glossier Cool Painting Kits, which include the glossier-themed Cool Painting Set ($69), Cool Painting Brush ($69.99), Cool Paint Brush Set ($79), and Cool Painting Ink Kit ($79.99).

All of these kits come with Glossier’s new Cool Paint Brushes.

The Cool Paint brushes come in various sizes and colors and each brush comes with Glusa’s signature Cool Paint Sticks that are perfect for any nail art look.

Glossier also recently added a Cool Painting Kit ($69) to its collection.

I’m super excited to try this collection because I’m always looking for cool nail polish, and I know I’m not alone.

And with so many cool nail polish ideas out there, I can’t wait to try out the Cool Painting Sets and Cool Paint Brushes, and the Cool Paint Ink Kit to see if I like them more than my standard polish sets.

But if you’re on a budget, you can also grab a Glossier Glossier Glow in Color Cool Painting set for only $39.99.

These are available at participating Glossier stores.

(Glossier Glove)The Glossier Glam Glossier Dream Color Cool Paint Kit comes with five different colors of Glassy Cool Paint, which I’m going to be referring to as Glossier-inspired Cool Paint.

The Glossier colors are: orange, green, brown, pink, and red.

These cool colors will come in a variety of glazes and you can choose to use the Glossier paint for a more permanent finish, or use the paint for quick and easy, everyday application.

I can definitely see myself wearing these Cool Paint Cool Paint Kits and I definitely want to get some Glossier polishes in.

(glossier glitter,gloss,cool,cool-paint)Glossier’s Cool Painting Brushes are a great way to add a little bit of glam to your nail art.

These brushes are great for keeping the glazes shiny and easy to apply and they come with glitter that glides on smoothly.

Glusa also offers a Cool Paint Spray Brush ($59.99) for use on nail art, which is great for quick application.

(via Glamshade, glossier glitter)These glazes are so versatile and will be perfect for the perfect look for a wide variety of nail art looks.

(hypebeast,glide,cool)If you want to go a little darker, Glossier has a cool, bright cool-pore color in the Cool Pencil ($19.99)!

I love that it’s a cool-toned color, which will definitely compliment any nail polish or application.

You can use this cool pencil for applying nail art as well as for a quick manicure.

(thehippiebodyshine,cool pencil)I love the idea of using a cool pen, but I know some people are going to hate the idea because of the cost.

But I’m really excited to see what Glossier does with this cool-tone pencil.

The cool-pencil will be available in four different colors, which are: gold, blue, red, and purple.

The pen itself comes in a plastic tube with a clear lid that will allow you to write on the inside of the tube.

I love how it feels in your hand.

I hope that Glossier can keep up the cool-tart look with this pen, because I know you’re going to love using it.

(sara,cool pencil,glow in the dark)These Glossier brushes will make your nail polish looks awesome.

These colors are all cool-tones, so they will all look great with your favorite glaze.

I really like that they all have different shades of green to go with them.

(pink,cool brush,glisten in the sun)These are some great nail art ideas.

These glazes will look great on any nail, so I can see Glossier getting this to a few people in my social circle.

And of course, there’s a Glissando Cool Painting kit that comes in six different colors for just $39 per kit.

I just love the fact that you can make your own cool-peels with these cool-colored pens.

(peach,cool paint,peach-pen)Gloss is a super-cool-tonic nail polish that comes with a wide range of glazing colors.

It’s a great option for any look or for a super simple manicure, too.

I absolutely love using Glossier gloss to get a little extra sparkle on my nails and to add more of a gloss to the look