How to paint butterflies

In a bid to add more colour and flair to a landscape, I’ve found the butterfly painting technique to be a wonderful way to do it.

The process is simple and involves the use of a brush and paint brush, along with some very subtle brush strokes.

Butterfly Painting Basics When you first start painting your butterfly, you’ll need to take a deep breath, which can be difficult to do when you’re new to this art form.

Instead, start by painting a simple outline on a plain surface, with your brush at a distance of about 2 inches from the surface.

The outline will become the background of your painting, and it’s up to you to paint it in any way you want.

You can create a butterfly in the style of a butterfly, or you can use a paint brush to paint your outline in a different way.

If you’re looking to get creative, there are a number of butterfly painting tutorials on YouTube that I’ve curated for you.

If you’d like to learn more about how to paint a butterfly yourself, I highly recommend checking out these great tutorials:  Painting a Butterfly in a New Way.

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Do you have a favorite butterfly painting tutorial?

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