Painting for Kids: New Painting by an American Child for Christmas

This year, for Christmas Day, the National Geographic team took part in an experiment to help children in need.

The project was a collaboration with the National Childs Foundation, the nonprofit organization that provides services to children and families in need across the country.

The team of photographers and videographers captured images of children from around the country participating in a painting contest and presented the winning images to their families and friends.

The winning images were donated to the National Children’s Museum in Washington, DC, where they will be displayed for children and their families to enjoy.

The National Childrens Foundation partnered with National Geographic to help create this year’s holiday themed painting contest.

The contest began in November with participants choosing two images of their own and sharing them online.

After several rounds of voting, the winning photographs were chosen.

In the end, the winner was an American child who was born in 1948.

The images were then submitted to the museum to be exhibited.

It was during the exhibit that the photographer realized that the images were also a part of the painting contest process.

“When you’re doing the painting, the whole painting, it’s part of that,” said Jennifer O’Brien, a senior curator at the National Museum of American History.

“It’s an opportunity to see how that works.”

The children participating in the contest are called “Cinderella,” “Princess,” “Dora the Explorer” and “Snow White.”

Each photo has a different story behind it.

Cindrina and her family were raised in the South Bronx.

“We had a big, black dog,” she said.

“My dad used to take us out to the park, but it was so cold that he couldn’t take us anywhere.”

She started painting when she was five years old, and it was one of the first things she ever did.

Her mother, Betty, is a longtime illustrator, and Cindy’s dad is a painter.

Their home in the Bronx was in ruins, so the family took in a little girl in their neighborhood.

The family moved to Brooklyn, New York, where she started painting as a hobby.

“It was a really hard thing to do, because I had never done anything like that before,” she recalled.

“I didn’t know how to make a mask, and I was so young.

So I had to learn how to do masks.”

The paintings have been viewed thousands of times on Facebook, and hundreds of children have shared them on Instagram.

“I love them,” Cindy said.

They remind her of how she felt when she started doing these paintings.

“And it reminds me of my dad.

He was a painter, and he never stopped, and the kids loved him for it.”