When a painting’s not just a painting, it’s a war paint

A new painting by the Dutch artist Willem De Haan has gone on show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. 

The painting, titled The Last Stand of the New South, is a meditation on the Civil War and the Great Depression.

The painting was commissioned by the National Civil War Museum, which is located in Richmond, Virginia.

It is a series of four paintings on canvas in a black and white series.

The first, titled The Last Stand, shows a man standing with a rifle, holding a pistol, and holding a white flag. 

“The painting is a reflection of the war itself,” David F. Brown, a senior curator at the National War Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., told The Washington Post.

“This man is holding the white flag in the midst of a battle.”

The man is “the last of the men,” he says. 

He’s the last man who can defeat the South. 

When the painting was unveiled, De Haan, a Dutch-born artist, was on the cover of Time Magazine and Newsweek.

He was also on the covers of the American artist’s most recent book, The Art of The Civil War, and in a book of photographs published by The Museum of American Art in Chicago. 

De Waal’s painting, which was also included on the magazine cover, shows a man holding a rifle. 

It’s “A white man’s world, and his last stand,” Dehaan said. 

What makes DeHaan’s painting unique is that it shows the Confederate flag being held in the foreground and the South as the backdrop. 

As the painting is shown in New Jersey, “What it’s saying is, ‘Look at what we’ve lost, look at what has happened,’ and ‘We’re not going to be taken back,'” DeWaal said.

De Haant’s painting is one of the rare paintings that are shown in public, at least to a public audience, Brown said.

“It’s the kind of thing that would be really hard to pull off,” Brown said.

“If you were a professional painter and you wanted to be in New Orleans or New York or San Francisco, you’d have to be an artist to be able to do it.”

De Haans work was also shown in the New York public gallery last month.

He said he would like to go to New Orleans in November, to see the paintings, but he was told he wouldn’t be allowed to. 

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