Why are they taking their eyes off the ball?

By MARK DUNCANUpdated March 17, 2020 13:05:18A young, bright, energetic, highly productive, and charismatic footballer has been taken out of the equation, replaced with a new generation of players who seem destined to take the club back down the pecking order.

In the days leading up to the 2020 NRL premiership game, NSWRL chief executive Andrew Demetriou was talking to a select group of senior NRL players in a cafe in the Sydney suburb of Newcastle.

The players were looking for advice about what the future holds for the club, but Demetrieou was keen to make sure he had their backs.

“You can tell from the way the players are looking at this club, I’ve been there before,” Demetreeou said.

“The club’s got a lot of players at the moment, but I’m going to give them all a bit of time to get themselves into shape before I start putting guys on the field.”

So, in that sense, they’re going to be doing a great job, but the biggest thing is the players.

“It’s a good thing they’ve got the experience of the past couple of years to go through the next phase.”NRL players have taken an active role in the management of the NSWRL.

In 2015, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian appointed a new chief executive to help manage the club.

She appointed Mark Demetrio as the new chief operating officer, but that role was handed to the former Newcastle Magpie and coach John Worsfold.

Demetrio has been in charge of the club’s financial operations, including the club debt management and a new TV deal, but there has been a huge push to reinvigorate the club since the death of longtime CEO Steve Tarr.

A major theme in the club boardroom has been the need for an immediate boost in revenue to ensure it can keep on paying players.

But Demetris has been adamant there is no point chasing money from the fans if the club cannot get to a level where it can compete.

The new players will be the ones that will change that.

They will bring more of the energy and passion to the game, Demetryriou said on Friday.

“There’s been a lot more people coming through the doors and they’ve really taken it to heart,” Demets said.

The game’s biggest draw will be more money, Demets told reporters.

The changes will also see the players be given a more powerful voice in managing the club and ensuring the players get their fair share of the spoils.

The club has not been in the position it is now without a great coach and it will take a lot to get the players back to where they want to be, Demerstis said.